The aims of the comic contest “THE OLDEST LIBRARY IN THE WORLD”, organized by the Capitolare Library in cooperation with Fondazione Discanto and with the contribution of UniCredit, are to tell some episodes of the engaging story of the oldest library in the world using different means of communication, suitable and attractive for a new audience. Its purpose, on the heels of the experience of the Marciana Library and other important Italian museums, is to approach and charm also those who are not into the subject and who aren’t passionate about manuscripts and ancient books.

The topics selected for this first edition concern three of the most important characters of the story of the Capitolare, who shaped conclusively its events. It starts with the well-known Ursicinus, who testified the existence of the Scriptorium since the 6th century leaving his signature, passing through Scipione Maffei and the discovery of 99 ancient books hidden during the Plague of 1630 and gone lost, and ending with the rescue of the manuscripts by Mons. Giuseppe Turrini during World War II.

Each participant shall choose one of the topics above and give way to his/her imagination to create a historically reliable work, with a strong communicative impact.

The contest is open to cartoonists of any age, both professionals and amateurs. Applies can be submitted between September 17th and November 30th, in accordance with the procedures and the deadlines laid down by the Contest Rules.

Once that all the projects have been valued, the top three will be selected to receive an award plate and a prize money offered by UniCredit. The best works will be displayed during the award ceremony, over the course of a special guided tour, specifically arranged and open to the public.

For further information: [email protected] - +39 045 8538071




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