Discanto Foundation drew inspiration from the activities of Discanto Academy, that has gained years of experience in musical and artistic fields since September 1993. The main aim was to give an innovative planning and an original orientation to artistic and cultural existent proposals.

The central element of the planning is the harmonic development of programs and the opportunity
of interaction among different cultural fields. The Discanto Foundation expressly clames to be nonprofit-making.

Discanto has an avant-garde organization for the development of national and international partnerships with public and private companies. These entities work, as well as the Foundation, in culture, development of the historical heritage, tourism, social and environment promotion.

Discanto Foundation is a non-profit organization held by both private and public entities.

Natural persons or representatives of entities present in the national and international territory can be members of the Foundation, as General Governments, state-owned entities, banking establishments, universities, educational establishments, professional bodies, trade associations, institutions and associations that work in culture, tourism, enviroment and social sphere, training institutions, private companies, health authorities and ULSS, cooperatives, foundations, multinational corporations, consortiums and professionals VAT registered.

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